VA-Club Prive Six (High Class Tracks) (2016)

Artist: VA
Album: Club Prive, Six (High Class Tracks)
Genre: AMbient, Downtempo, Lounge, Chill-Out
Released: 2016
Tracks: 50
Format: MPEG Audio
Bitrate: 320 Kbps


01-stupendo-stupendo chill
02-lounge paradise-davis inside
03-desert tea-joken in desert
04-pianistic lounge-jovenade
05-santorini sunset groove-cocktail
06-the beach hotel-nothing true
07-pianissimo-export sound
09-fluent dream-olohan
10-piazza grande-mondana
11-lost dreams-supreme gil
12-grey star-touch the sky (chillout mix)
13-lounge system-blackfriars (deep night mix)
14-quantum energy-quality of mind
15-dubai lounge enseMble-arabic pattern
16-red sea enseMble-idekon
17-roma lounge project-cappuccino
18-lunar sound effect-hot summer night (solution mix)
19-airport grooves-airplanes (gold lounge mix)
20-north zone-the cauldron (chillout mix) (feat anthony guitarra)
21-patrik lasavalle-yes
22-santorini sunset-documento
23-red sea grooves-freezone
24-candid elements-fall into oblivion (red sofa mix)
25-paul v-cutdown
26-vega ray-track in rhythm
27-room 100-reminiscing (airport lounge mix) (feat night)
28-richard le monde-a old passion
29-sofa groove-persuasione
30-blue sofa-forever walking (night emotions mix)
31-sea wave-house dag
32-sommagroove-mallets spirits
33-esotica-indu passion
34-joao allevi-fluttuanza
35-downstairs-summer breeze
36-bank of sounds-soulmate
37-the moovers-experimento
38-brazilian love affair project-bossa rio
39-the black parade-give me your word
40-sf enseMble-hulk
41-dana lounge-akby
42-ruggero dj-bella
43-s car-fazer
44-ruggero dj-com
45-harmonica-on rife red
46-mark sia-jealous guy
47-the channel-casta
48-matteo vanetti-new direction
49-route 66-gallons for miles
50-loris piron-ovest wood

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