VA-Exclusive Chillout / Lounge Pack (20-04-2015)

VA-Exclusive Chillout / Lounge Pack (20-04-2015)
Genre: Chillout / Lounge
Quality: 320Kbps 44100Hz Full Stereo
Exclusive, Fresh and Promo Tracks

Barry Jamieson – 303’s in Love (Mono Electric Orchestra AMbient Mix) [Kyubu Records)
Boards Of Canada – Aquarius (Version 3) [Balance Music)
E.R.S. – Adventures In Curved Spacetime (Original Mix) [Dubmission Records)
E.R.S. – I Have Seen (Original Mix) [Dubmission Records)
E.R.S. – Planetary Consciousnes (Original Mix) [Dubmission Records)
E.R.S. – Rainbow Revolution Dub (Original Mix) [Dubmission Records)
E.R.S. – Supersonico (Original Mix) [Dubmission Records)
E-Love – Cause I Love You No More (Alsterlounge Chill out Vocal Mix) [GR8 AL Music)
Enviado Vida – Satie’s Meubles (Omauha Remix) [Incepto Smooth)
Enviado Vida – Satie’s Meubles (Original Mix) [Incepto Smooth)
Eugene Loner – Dancing Ganesha (Original Mix) [Suffused Polarities)
Eugene Loner – Fly Away (Original Mix) [Suffused Polarities)
Eugene Loner – Street Lights (Original Mix) [Suffused Polarities)
Eugene Loner – Sunset Dance (Original Mix) [Suffused Polarities)
Filalete – I Live for You (Original Mix) [Easy Summer Limited)
Florito – A Roma (Original Mix) [Karmatones)
Ibiza Sunset – Be Suspended (Original Mix) [Karmalounge)
Ibiza Sunset – Sundance on the Beach (Original Mix) [Karmasport)
Lemonchill – Dragonfly (Subheim Remix) [GR8 AL Music)
Living Room – Deep Breath (Original Mix) [GMM)
Luka, Sio Blackwidow – Next To You (Jazzuelle Rotary Dream Mix) [We Go Deep)
Lunarbeam, Nazca, Marija Trapkiewicz – Panic (Deepshader & Nazca Undo) [Incepto Music)
Melchior Sultana – Il-Bahar (Original Mix) [Irma Records)
Melchior Sultana – Presence (Original Mix) [Irma Records)
Melchior Sultana – World Is History (Original Mix) [Irma Records)
Project Blue Sun – El Sonido Del Mar (Original Mix) [Karmatones)
Samadi Tunes – Ibiza Sunrise (Original Mix) [Karmaloft Music)
Spooky – Shelter (Slow Phase Mix) [Balance Music)
The Smokering – Flying Colors (Jason D. Kuhar) [Karmaloft Music)
Timtril – Cyclic Fog (Original Mix) [Easy Sundays)
Timtril – Red Medow (Original Mix) [Easy Sundays)
Trillian Miles – Summerdust (Original Mix) [Karmasport)
Trillian Miles – Swamp Girl (Original Mix) [Karmalounge)
Vono Box – Teddy Acapulco (Original Mix) [Mana Mana Records)

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VA-Exclusive Chillout / Lounge Pack (20-04-2015)