VA-Morning Glow Vol 1 (Finest Selection Of AMbient Music) (2016)

Artist: VA
Album: Morning Glow, Vol. 1 (Finest Selection Of AMbient Music)
Genre:Downtempo, Lounge, Chill-out
Released: 2016
Tracks: 30
Format: MPEG Audio
Bitrate: 320 Kbps


01-peter pearson-move on
02-living room-tropical birds
03-naoki kenji-mainichi pia
04-charlie north-the spaces in between
05-steven solveig-peace aura
06-marga sol-my dream
07-gordon geco-i need you
09-buddha-morning mantra
10-ajna chakra-svadhyaya (original mix)
11-the sushi club-scopia
12-kostant groove-crystal design (house of grooves mix)
13-living room-cosy chillin
14-buddha-female buddha prayer
15-peter pearson-touching base
16-gaba milani-cool lounge (original mix)
17-martin liege-time to chill
18-hr-kama roma (styled mix)
19-steven solveig-vulcanica
20-ingo herrmann-plasma
21-joe le blanc-income
22-roman bunka hammond schneider-four seasons
23-trillian miles-smile
24-living room-change
25-charlie north-wide open spaces
26-redlounge orchestra-rhodescreen island
27-marga sol movox deeper sublime-noname story (marga sol deep mix)
28-peter pearson-out of hours
29-the lounge cafe-fast dream (original mix)
30-bite my a

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VA-Morning Glow Vol 1 (Finest Selection Of AMbient Music) (2016)