VA-Casino – Kevin Gates , Biggz_est1988, B.O.B. (10-04-2015)

Artist: VA
Mixtape: Casino – Kevin Gates , Biggz_est1988, B.O.B.
Date: 10-04-2015
Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop

1.Im Here
3.Wish I Had It – ft. Kevin Gates
4.Ima Tell You – Wody, Doc Hauser, Haze, Mic Low, Jayel More
5.My Nigga ft. Mini Me Beatz
6.Where They At ft. Nicky Supreme
7.4-30 am ft. Sp9ce, and Kevin Gates
8.Big Bank Rolls ft. Sp9ce
9.Lambo ft. B.O.B.,Kevin Gates,Lambo Jake
10.Ride Around My City ft. Awax The Hitman
11.Fast Money ft. Ace Dibiase
12.Pose To Be In Love ft. Kevin Gates
13.Analyst ft. Prince OT,Jolley
14.Respect for My Homies (Free John Intenz)

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VA-Casino – Kevin Gates , Biggz_est1988, B.O.B. (10-04-2015)