VA-DJ Zone-Heavy Bags and Long Goodbyes (2016)

Artist: VA
Album: DJ Zone-Heavy Bags & Long Goodbyes
Genre: Hip-Hop
Released: 2016
Format: MPEG Audio
Bitrate: 218 Kbps


01-dj zone-dj zone melts wax-ftd
03-sleep-when the lights go out-ftd
04-floods (barfly)-the golden harness-ftd
05-onry ozzborn and scotty del-let them go-ftd
06-daps and fireal2112-collapse-ftd
07-everybody knows-again and again-ftd
08-big bang and hives inquiry squad-black friday-ftd
09-aesop rock-dorks-ftd
11-elton cray-hitter-ftd
12-dj zone-fresh flow-ftd
13-raise the bridges-swing back-ftd
14-tony ozier and westbred diamond-funkd up (g force remix)-ftd
15-big bang-wonderful world-ftd
16-sleep – running on fumes-ftd
17-onry ozzborn and jfk-it all depends-ftd
18-slothlivers diction uno and abadawn-the fear you love-ftd
19-dj zone-cockpit fire-ftd
20-the chicharones-you are alive-ftd
21-aesop rock and homeboy sandman-so strange here-ftd
22-bad habitat and luck one-skylights-ftd
23-xperience-me time-ftd
24-the chicharones-we belong together-ftd
25-scotty del dmlh everybody knows and daps-the long goodbye-ftd

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VA-DJ Zone-Heavy Bags and Long Goodbyes (2016)