VA-Rocket Power Ep (11-01-2015)

Artist: VA
Mixtape: Rocket Power Ep
Date: 11-01-2015
Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop

1.808 Kinky Nights (Prod. By Mr. Miyagi)
2.Are You Smoking Yet
3.Burn One (prod. by miyagitaughtme)
4.Fatal Attractions
5.Fuck How You Feel
6.Never Knows Best (Prod. By Methuselah)
7.Over 100 (Prod. By Mr. Miyagi)
8.Porno Flicks (prod. by miyagitaughtme)
9.She’s Wonderful To Someone (Prod. By Mr. Miyagi)
10.They Go Bang Bang (Prod. By Mr. Miyagi)
12.Angel of Death
13.Jesus Juice Produced By (Morris Brothers)

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VA-Rocket Power Ep (11-01-2015)