VA-Slowed Down – 7up @7up #7up (09-07-2015)

Artist: VA
Mixtape: Slowed Down – 7up @7up #7up
Date: 09-07-2015
Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop

1.Gunplay – Poppin (Freestyle)
2.Migos – Pipe It Up
3.YFN Lucci – Dope Boy Dreams (Feat. YFN Kay)
4.Rowdy Rebel – Kevin Durant
5.Rick Ross – Neighborhood Drug Deal (Feat. Future) [Remix] SLOWED DOWN
6.Chedda Da Connect – Why Not (SLOWED DOWN)
7.Ello – My Nigga (Feat. Jason Jinx)
8.Papoose – The Plug
9.Rell Dott – No Church (Freestyle)
10.Skooly – Roccsan (SLOWED DOWN)
11.Bobby Shmurda – Cant Fuck Witchu (Feat. DBoy Rowdy Rebel) SLOWED DOWN
12.Lil Uzi Vert – On My Line (Feat. Lil Herb) SLOWED DOWN
13.Master P – Power (Feat. Lil Wayne, Gangsta Ace B) (SLOWED DOWN)
14.Zo Nation – Money On The Floor
15.Pee’a – Zombie Bitch
16.John G – 4 The Buccs
17.Chella H – Fleek (Feat. Soulja Boy) SLOWED DOWN
18.Mo-El – Tommy HIlfiger
19.KiloGotStacks – All I Ever Wanted (SLOWED DOWN)
20.Rad – Pineapple Soda
21.Offset – Dream (Feat. Domingo Mango) (SLOWED DOWN)
22.Rocko – Be In Ya (SLOWED DOWN)
23.Oga Boy – Mustang Flow SLOWED DOWN

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VA-Slowed Down – 7up @7up #7up (09-07-2015)