VA-Exclusive Indie Dance / Nu Disco Pack (18-02-2015)

VA-Exclusive Indie Dance / Nu Disco Pack (18-02-2015)
Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Quality: 320Kbps 44100Hz Full Stereo
Exclusive, Fresh and Promo Tracks

Compact Grey, Julian Wassermann – Oldschool Hero (Compact Grey Version) [Dear Deer)
Coss – Elision (Original Mix) [Dantze)
Coss – Fortune Cookie (Original Mix) [Dantze)
Coss – Fortune Cookie (Yannick Labbe & Dominik Marz Remix) [Dantze)
Daniel Grau – Disco Fantasy (Daniel Wang & Jules Etienne Non Disco Remix) [Sonar Kollektiv)
Defected Neurones – Space Vision (Original Mix) [Prison Entertainment)
Defected Neurones – Who (Original Mix) [Prison Entertainment)
Fapples – Ghost Inside Me (Original Mix) [Nin92wo Records)
Fapples – Million People (Dropboxx Remix) [Nin92wo Records)
Fapples – Million People (Original Mix) [Nin92wo Records)
Frontera – Walking In The Rain (Original Mix) [Music For Dreams)
Gustavo Mota – Insane (Rafael Carvalho Remix) [Muzenga Records)
Johannes Albert – Connewitzer Chaussee (Original Mix) [Jackoff Records)
Juliet Sikora, Tube & Berger – Come On Now (Set it off) (Lugana Remix) [FFRR)
Maps – A.M.A. (Eule Remix) [MUTE)
Maps – Built To Last (Free School Remix) [MUTE)
Maps – It Will Find You (Mock & Toof Remix) [MUTE)
Maps – Let Go Of The Fear (Oliver Huntemann Dub) [MUTE)
Maurizio Piacente – Leave Me On a Dancefloor (Original Mix) [PMicol Records)
Maurizio Piacente – The Sound of Love (Original Mix) [PMicol Records)
Mikalogic, Patricia Edwards – Electric Groove (Original Mix) [Musica Gourmet)
Passenger 10, Lika Morgan – Golden Sky (Me & My Toothbrush Remix) [Enormous Tunes)
Rafael Galo, Mariana Orsho – Loneliness (Manuel Kane Remix) [Music Evolution Records)
Rafael Galo, Mariana Orsho – Loneliness (Original Mix) [Music Evolution Records)
Samma Lone – Comfort Zone (Original Mix) [Uptown Boogie)
Satin Jackets – Fall Apart (feat Patrick Baker) [Eskimo)
Satin Jackets – Gelee Royale [Eskimo)
Satin Jackets – Sunrise In Paradise [Eskimo)
The Cosmic Playerz – I Just Can’t Get Enougt (DiscoMix) [Springbok Records)
Una – Out of the Dark (John Mork Mix) [Cool Jewel Records)

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VA-Exclusive Indie Dance / Nu Disco Pack (18-02-2015)