VA-Groovedelicious Vol 2 (40 Deep And Tech House Sounds) (2016)

Artist: VA
Album: Groovedelicious, Vol. 2 (40 Deep & Tech House Sounds)
Genre: House, Minimal, Tech House, Club, Dance
Released: 2016
Tracks: 40
Format: MPEG Audio
Bitrate: 320 Kbps


01-crystall refraction-waterfalls in catskills (7 lights mix)
02-kaliMba-pillow flight (the sky mix)
03-deep factor-like a circle (melodic synphony mix) feat. martha fox
04-diba project-leaving sleepy hollow (progression mix)
05-eric karmichael-deep sweet love (fluttuant mix)
06-first class-platinum dream (nyc night mix)
07-e rhythms-elefont rhu (house of contact mix)
08-frank fermo-my first time (elegant house mix) feat. marina roja
09-congaboy-entry of team (black conga mix)
10-claude dorilf-deep elevation (high love mix)
11-3rd street-day with love (night queen mix) feat. voiceen
12-anthony maserati-winning the v.c. (jet set mix)
13-bio rhythm-the home life (da house mix)
14-blue house-in the blue garden (subsequential mix)
15-candem groove-london street (sax in circle mix)
16-brothers in deep-serious sound (spaced sound mix)
17-carl deber-children padding (deep house mix)
18-carl dee bee-drop in drop (houzy groove mix)
19-deep flowers-morning bath (deep progression mix)
20-frank quattro-deep lotus flower (ibiza mix)
21-house elementz-incubated baby (emerald tribal mix)
22-housemann-firing the maxim gun (deep progression mix)
23-deep beats-deep squid (house the house)
24-houzy boy-mission station (space mix)
25-iceberg-deep antarctic 5 (don anthony mix)
26-jack machson-keep believe in you (5th avenue mix)
27-jeff knight-free for all race (jaguar mix)
28-jeffrey johnson-a bowery cafe (cool rhythm mix)
29-jeorge dee-from my eyes (feat. sonya)
30-horizon 2-beach peace (ibeeza house mix)
31-hotel 69-taking on a pilot (the room mix)
32-gamma 3-kammatograph disc (frequenced mix)
33-gold rhythms-hands of the
34-ghingo-westminster (grand gee mix)
35-george 8-old lon street (wonder conga mix)
36-goldeep-gold women demijohn (mark altura mix)
37-grey mustang-sheep run (house and wonder mix)
38-greg armando-blackfrias bridge (deep mix)
39-heart groove-sad sea waves (deepsoul mix)
40-yves rocher-this is my sound (glitter rhythms mix) feat. corinne

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VA-Groovedelicious Vol 2 (40 Deep And Tech House Sounds) (2016)