VA-Party Planet Vol 1 (20 Progressive House Mega Hits) (2016)

Artist: VA
Album: Party Planet, Vol. 1 (20 Progressive House Mega Hits)
Genre: House, Minimal, Tech House, Club, Dance
Released: 2016
Tracks: 20
Format: MPEG Audio
Bitrate: 320 Kbps


01-ted broker-topok (london groove mix)
02-brady davis-voices (chris allen connection mix)
03-progression synten-farfall (progressive mix)
04-martin morgan-evil mirror (higher mix)
05-fluxy flexy-broken strings (radioactive mix)
06-brian scott-new york (mass and ticos night mix)
07-dj indigo-kingdom of rust (ronny fanny mix)
08-loris murphy-adj (extended mix)
09-stevie adams-lifted (extended mix)
10-basil of the indie-neato tendon
11-starnight enseMble-a fa la (black brothers percussive mix)
12-certified prodigy-kissing in the green (tommy angel mix)
13-jack scott-miami (bass and beats mix)
14-tek park-play one (melody mix)
15-continuos elements-solar (space rhythms mix)
16-da sonique-elmet blues (blue elements mix)
17-fathers of progressive-cauta (night mix)
18-michael green-sitzt (misha joergh mix)
19-tommy mona-rd (x ray mix)
20-maximilian prince-deep night (cake and coke cyber mix)

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VA-Party Planet Vol 1 (20 Progressive House Mega Hits) (2016)