VA-Electric Daisy Carnival (Mexico 2016) (2016)

Artist: VA
Album: Electric Daisy Carnival (Mexico 2016)
Genre: House, Minimal, Tech House, Club
Released: 2016
Tracks: 60
Format: MPEG Audio
Bitrate: 320 Kbps


01-james black pitch-i cant hear you
02-bsharry-the juggler
03-mutehead-id like one
05-jacob ireng-same conditions
06-zulu natives-koyr
07-jack black one-afl
10-josh nor-superstellar
11-joe le blanc-para dise
12-kayra-bring away
13-forever 80-1234
14-jaques le noir-looking back
15-james black pitch-mantra
16-giacomino-thousand miles
18-giacomino-bouncing in the club
19-james black pitch-time it is
20-zulu natives-lupin
21-mutehead-find my soul
22-ciava-here we go
23-james black pitch-kenya
24-forever 80-automa d
25-jack black one-paints with brains
26-giacomino-looking away
28-josh nor-masai
29-bsharry-nuMber one
30-zulu natives-airmobile
31-ciava-feel the space
32-forever 80-deskin
33-jaques le noir-greygoose
34-josh nor-hands in the sky
35-james black pitch-pop dem bottles
36-bsharry-make me bounce
37-josh nor-wolf
38-joe le blanc-00
39-forever 80-hook
40-jaques le noir-feroz (extended mix)
41-kayra-hold me
42-joe le blanc-luther
43-kayra-happy see
44-joe le blanc-ocean drive
45-forever 80-six months
46-jack black one-two seven
48-jacquard-hey hey
49-jacob ireng-reminds me on you
50-forever 80-dubworks
51-joe le blanc-parrot
52-bsharry-remeMber me
53-jaques le noir-dudongo (extended mix)
54-jacob ireng-ash
55-the butterfly-papillon 2k15 (extended mix)
56-mutehead-close to me
57-jack black one-opeyou
58-josh nor-wildlife
59-zulu natives-aubergine
60-kayra-broken dreams

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