VA-Electronic Road Music 3 (2016)

Artist: VA
Album: Electronic Road Music 3
Genre: House, Minimal, Tech House, Club, Dance
Released: 2016
Tracks: 40
Format: MPEG Audio
Bitrate: 320 Kbps


01-nevada jupa vs. matteo madde-you gotta dance (camrick and manuel zeta remix edit)
02-pat farrell-when night is over (radio edit) (feat. jesse ritch)
03-emax-someone to love (dj samu remix edit) (feat. alesing)
04-marco van bassken-if you leave (sunrider radio edit)
05-butterfly-next (official cubik anthem) radio edit
06-ale-n-the last yard (radio edit)
07-andrew lias and ale-n-you make me crazy (radio edit)
08-alex costanzo and gino g-soldier (radio cut)
09-dj vaven and simeon-navigation (radio cut)
10-sonny vice vs. antiheroes-rock n rolla (radio cut)
11-marcelos pi-fly with me (radio edit)
12-brilliant-londons on fire (vocal edit) (feat. drew darcy)
13-dj lex-ready for tonight (radio edit)
14-greg house and golden fingers-weekend bangers (radio edit)
15-marwill-shake it (melbourne mix edit)
16-neal claed-lets rave (radio edit)
17-sd project-armadillo (radio edit)
18-christopher s and mish-love is . (radio edit)
19-simeon and dj vaven-my own world (radio edit) (feat. lisa and diggle)
20-decibel artforce and simeon-the hero (radio edit)
21-leon bait and nextec-turn up the bass (radio edit)
22-dacos-meteor (radio edit)
23-denis pewny-destroy (radio edit)
24-enzo polito and maxim borodin-all i want is you (radio edit)
25-christopher s and greenhorn-bubbles (radio edit)
26-rick delta-terminus (radio edit)
27-laanga-take my head (radio edit)
28-clash vs. danceforce-shake ya wiggle 2k14 (edm radio cut) (feat. hypeman)
29-sunshine state plscb and onix lan-tonight (radio edit)
30-massiv vibes-this time (radio edit) (feat. sivana reese)
31-mark ursa and sky inc.-id3 (short edit)
32-starjack and collini-up (arnold palmer remix edit)
33-dave ramone-dazed (radio edit)
34-dacos and lucas crapanzano-ronker (lucas likes this radio cut)
35-rabih-leave the world behind (radio edit)
36-silva-energy (radio edit) (feat. nathan brumley)
37-richard blacklund-here with me (radio edit)
38-franques-dont stop (radio edit) (feat. sean flight)
39-reyko and john-siMba (radio edit)
40-rome and gima-dreamzone (dont wake me up) (feat. renana cohen)

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