VA-Exclusive Deep House Pack (13-02-2015)

VA-Exclusive Deep House Pack (13-02-2015)
Genre: Deep House
Quality: 320Kbps 44100Hz Full Stereo
Exclusive, Fresh and Promo Tracks

Cosmo Klein – Diggin for Gold (Radio Edit) [Kittball Records)
Cosmo Klein – Diggin for Gold (Wild Culture Remix) [Kittball Records)
Dempsey Massy – Welcome People [Whobear Records)
DHON – Come With Me (Original Mix) [Talkischeap Records)
DJ Lowell – Deeper Then L feat Georgia ku My Way (Original Mix) [Lapsus Music)
Double Think – Everything [Lapsus Music)
Dustin Nantais – Boy Of Nature feat. Sophie Berkal [Deep)
Eldar Stuff & Matuya – Dance Dance (Noe Spesielt Remix) [LoveStyle Records)
Eldar Stuff & Matuya – Dance Dance (Outlife Remix) [LoveStyle Records)
Elektrolachs – Cocktail [Lapsus Music)
Fabio Bacchini – Restless (Original Mix) [Lapsus Music)
FEX – Somewhere [Lapsus Music)
[email protected], Big Ma.Mi – Attitude to House [Lapsus Music)
Haxell – Jump [Lapsus Music)
Ibitaly – No Limits (Instrumental Mix) [Deepartment Records)
Ibitaly – No Limits [Deepartment Records)
Ill Cows – Bad Job [Deep)
Javier De Baraja – Unfinished Story [Deep) [)
Jelly For The Babies – Hold Me Tight (David Devilla & Elisabeth Aivar Remix) [Balkan Connection Tech)
John Gucci – Don’t Go [Lapsus Music)
Jon Hash – Here Not [Lapsus Music)
Jonas Saalbach, Samuel Fach – Great Mind Think Alike (Krink Remix) [Underyourskin Records)
Jonas Saalbach, Samuel Fach – Great Mind Think Alike (Thomas Atzmann Remix) [Underyourskin Records)
Kartech – House Shift [Wind Horse Records)
Kartech – Saturns Solution [Wind Horse Records)
Klod Rights – The Voodoo [Deep)
Kryspin Kucharczyk – Body [Lapsus Music)
Qmusse – Keep Calm (Fukai Remix) [Alma Soul Music)
Qmusse – Keep Calm [Alma Soul Music)
R.O.N.N. (aka Ron Carroll) & Rio Dela Duna – Someone To Love (Original Mix) [SYS Music)
RedDub – Find Me Again feat. KaMbiz (Rodrigo Vega Remix) [Deep)
Ricky kk – Get Up (Deep Mix) [HouseBeat Records)
Ricky kk – Underground Feelings (Dub Mix) [HBR Music)
Rikki Sawyer – To The Sky (A.M.X Remix) [Balkan Connection Tech)
Rodrigo Vega – Another Chance [Deep)
Rodrigo Vega – Famesbill [Deep)
Rodrik, Joao Ribiero – We Share It [Lapsus Music)
Roy Gilles – Missing Vibes (Marcello Arletti Rethink) [Abstract Theory)
Roy Gilles – Missing Vibes (Original Mix) [Abstract Theory)

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VA-Exclusive Deep House Pack (13-02-2015)