VA-Exclusive DJ Tools Pack (16-02-2015)

VA-Exclusive DJ Tools Pack (16-02-2015)
Genre: House
Quality: 320Kbps 44100Hz Full Stereo
Exclusive, Fresh and Promo Tracks

Alex Del Toro, Paolo Solo – Can’t Stop This Feeling (Accapella) [Deepalma Records)
Basement Jaxx – Never Say Never (A capella Version) [Atlantic Jaxx)
Byron Stingily, Louie Vega – Ain’t No Stoppin’ Love (Red Zone Beats) [Vega Records)
Cathy Burton – Reach Out To Me (Acapella) [Adrian & Raz (AdrianRazRecordings))
Dema, Paride Saraceni – MuMbaya (Vox DJ Tool) (Original Mix) [SCI+TEC)
Dennis Ferrer – Touched The Sky feat Mia Tuttavilla (Joes Dub Beats) [Nite Grooves)
Dirty Vegas – Setting Sun (Afterlife Acapella) [d vision)
DJ Fale, Cj – Drowning (Original Mix Saxappella) [Hood Natives)
Dutchican Soul, Miss Bunty – Never Give Up (Bongoloverz Accapella) [Deepalma Records)
Federico Scavo – Balada (Acapella) [d vision)
Guillaume Delarge, Mat Coast – MariMba (Chus & Ceballos DJ Tool) [Great Stuff)
Jay Vegas – Cafe Rio (Bonus Beats) [Hot Stuff)
Joan Kolova, Consoul Trainin’ – Nothing Compares to You (Acapella) [d vision)
Jonny Rose, Marek Mela – Temptation (Acapella Wet) [KULT)
Kaelig, Benjamin Franklin, queen AaMinah – Looking For Love (Accapella) [Deepalma Records)
Kevin Castro – Cubism (Lead DJ Tool) [SCI+TEC)
Khensy, MdCL – Hiya Kaya The Return (QB’s MdCL-apella) [Warm Days)
Kulintronica – Release Me (Julius Papp Afro Drums) [Nite Grooves)
Leandro P., Anthony Poteat – He’s Able (Acappella) [Nylon Trax)
Liam Broad – You Realise (Chriss Callebra Freak Accapella) [Sweep The Floor Records)
Loui & Scibi, Nuwella – Your Love (Accapella) [Deepalma Records)
Matthew1626, Karolyn Haze – While We Still Can (Accapella) [Deepalma Records)
Matthew1626, Skyla J – I Pray (Accapella) [Deepalma Records)
Matvey Emerson, Alex Hook, Gosha – Shine (Accapella) [Deepalma Records)
Max Lyazgin, JazzyFunk – Element Of Life (Ed’s Dream) (Accapella) [Deepalma Records)
Nebu Mitte, Jaselle – With You (Accapella DJ Tool) [Deepalma Records)
Pezzner, 8Aa – One Up (Drop of Fears) (Ryan Crosson DJ Tool) [Systematic Recordings)
Radio Slave – Repeat Myself (Accapella) [Work Them Records)
Roland Clark, Urban Soul – President House (Accapella) [King Street)
Sima, MCJ – Sexivity (Acapella) [d vision)
Sir Jordy Beat Phreak & Dj Subs – Changes (Original Mix) [Kasi Vibes Recordings)
Sir Jordy Beat Phreak & Dj Subs – Hearts Of Man (Original Mix) [Kasi Vibes Recordings)
Siwell – The Party Jam (Beatapella Remix) [Sphera Records)
Steve Edwards, Carl Fath – Humans Cry (Acapella) [d vision)
The Cube Guys – La Verite (Federico Scavo Acapella) [dvision)
Ultra Nate, Samuele Sartini – So Glamorous (Acapella) [d vision)
Vintage Lounge Orchestra – Dreams (Acapella) [d vision)
Wamdue Project – King of My Castle (Acappella) [d vision)

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VA-Exclusive DJ Tools Pack (16-02-2015)