VA-Exclusive House Pack (20-04-2015)

VA-Exclusive House Pack (20-04-2015)
Genre: House
Quality: 320Kbps 44100Hz Full Stereo
Exclusive, Fresh and Promo Tracks

Agua Sin Gas – You Don’t Stop (Original Mix) [InStereo Recordings)
Andres Soun – Dancing In Brazil (Original Mix) [World House Records)
Andres Soun – Welcome To ColoMbia (Original Mix) [World House Records)
Barbara Tucker, Namy – I Can’t Wait (Namy DiscoTech Remix) [King Street Sounds)
Bilber, Alvaro Ager – Freak (Original Mix) [RHOMbUS DIGITAL RECORDS)
Bilber, Alvaro Ager – Freakin (Original Mix) [RHOMbUS DIGITAL RECORDS)
Cellar Door, Reactor, Alexx Rave – Mawk (Original Mix) [IONS Music)
Chris IDH – Carousel (Original Mix) [Zero10 Records)
Copy & Paste – Last Cut (Got Me Burnin’ Up) (Original Mix) [Subterraneo Records)
Copy & Paste – Near To Me (Original Mix) [Subterraneo Records)
Copy & Paste – Revolution (Original Mix) [Subterraneo Records)
Cybophonia – Vostok Jazz Reprise (Original Mix) [Irma Records)
DaSilva Gunn – Overtime (Original Mix) [Kidology)
Dimitris Nikopoulos – Kinky One (Original Mix) [Zero10 Records)
Dino MFU, Slick Beats – So Fine (Original Mix) [Zero10 Records)
Fabio Tosti – Your Soul (Original Mix) [Underground Mjuzieek Digital)
George V – Into Fire (Original Mix) [Zero10 Records)
Groove Phenomenon – Africa Tribe (Absolut Groovers Remix) [Work Records (Spinnin))
Groove Phenomenon – Africa Tribe (Original Remix) [Work Records (Spinnin))
House Of Virus – Blow the Reactor (Original Mix) [Suka Records)
House Of Virus, Soliaris – I’m Burning (Dany Cohiba Remix) [Suka Records)
House Of Virus, Soliaris – I’m Burning (Kevin Prise Remix) [Suka Records)
House Of Virus, Soliaris – I’m Burning (Matto Remix) [Suka Records)
Jack Novack – Sober (Original Mix) [Zero10 Records)
Kingoff – Groove (Original Mix) [Balkan Connection Tech)
Kingoff – Pianoman (Original Mix) [Balkan Connection Tech)
Kruse & Nuernberg, Michelle Owen, Isis Salam – We Find Deep (Mat.Joes We Find Dub) [Rejected)
Lewis Delay – B Girl (Deejay Will.i & The Roughneck Remix) [Happy Records)
Nick Kech – Lost & Found feat Yalena (Original Mix) [Zero10 Records)
Nikko Sunset – I Wanna Love (Original Mix) [Zero10 Records)
Patt Brown – The Winning Team (Original Mix) [Electroscene)
Pete Cave – Yes We Can (Original Mix) [Zero10 Records)
Petros Odin – Erotic Syndrome feat Benetos (Original Mix) [Zero10 Records)
Simioli – I’ll House You (Club Mix) [Ego)
The Union – State Of Mind (Alex Stein Remix) [Uniform Recordings)
Urban Flex – Need To Travel feat Nikol Forlida (Original Mix) [Zero10 Records)
Valeron – Comeback (Original Mix) [Zero10 Records)
Vanished – Late Night Selection (Original Mix) [Zero10 Records)
Vanphil – A Night At The Disco (Original Mix) [Zero10 Records)
V-Sag – I.D.N.H (Original Mix) [Zero10 Records)

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VA-Exclusive House Pack (20-04-2015)