VA-Lasertag Music (2016)

Artist: VA
Album: Lasertag Music
Genre: House, Minimal, Tech House, Club, Dance
Released: 2016
Tracks: 50
Format: MPEG Audio
Bitrate: 320 Kbps


01-milkbar rockers-safe and sound (dub mix)
02-tommy lazer-whatever happened (radio edit)
03-mykel mars-white beach (dj absinth edm edit)
04-elisabeat-if you be mine (1000 miles mix)
05-afrochuck-the dirty workout plan (radio edit)
06-massenkuss-massenkuss (radio cut)
07-miss caramelle-higher (festival workout remix)
08-sugapop-elysion (extended mix)
09-full of soul-we love house music (radio version)
10-ibiza groove squad-i dont (space workout remix)
11-skaei-way back home (workout mix)
12-million colours-holi anthem (cardio mix)
13-bassdevils-beatmaniac (radio mix)
14-beydagi-around the word (short edit)
15-secret ibiza-eye contact (edit)
16-the white nights-life is good (get fit mix)
17-the loop of life-lost in space (running beats edit)
18-the betatesters-drop that (edm cardio mix)
19-white sand-neverland (radio edit)
20-miami dance-shake that ass (ultimate dance workout) (feat. dj absinth)
21-summer beats-hold on (dancefloor fitness mix)
22-starlounge-head up high (skaei workout remix)
23-bermuda twins-everybody stand up (gym motivation mix)
24-robby schulz-breathtaking (edm workout anthem)
25-prince ringo-disco star (running mix)
26-agent juno-sunstorm (trance workout mix)
27-party on demand-house party (get in shape mix)
28-one two eight-sci-fi (arena workout mix)
29-pearls of ibiza-i live my life (mykel mars instrumental edit)
30-mooMbah jack-fuego (p
31-the partybangers-the world is my club (power aerobic mix)
32-melbourne kidz-funky beat (fitness motivation mix)
33-antaris-one more (edm workout mix)
34-love technique-we come for love (workout anthem mix)
35-kiss audio-here tomorrow (running beats mix)
36-skaei-space tourist (cardio mix)
37-hans justin-lets go back (deep house workout)
38-global club league-boom (edm aerobic mix)
39-the partystoppers-break it down (festival fitness mix)
40-garagestylerz-dont stop (circuit training mix)
41-tony wong-born for edm (muscle mix)
42-exit mars-drum and bass (edm workout mix)
43-eddy chrome-in love (future fitness remix)
44-david baur-there is music in your soul (stadium workout mix)
45-california sun-touch the sky (get in shape mix)
46-bermuda twins-the sun (running trax mix)
47-mykel mars and eddy chrome-you (power workout remix)
48-ben arrows-pictures in your mind (six pack mix)
49-american groove junkies-reach you (sexy and fit mix)
50-stargold-i give it all (radio version)

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