VA-Progressive City Grooves (Urban Anthems) (2015)

Artist: VA
Album: Progressive City Grooves (Urban Anthems) (2015)
Genre: Progressive House, House
Year: 05.11.2015
Type: mixed by tracks Audio: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size ~ 260 Mb
Lable:: FKJ Music Records


01. Andrea Falsone, Gabriel Deville – I Say Yeah (Tuned Guys Remix)
02. Alex Raimondi – Be as One (Lypocodium & Helen Brown Remix) [feat. Vivian B)
03. Alex Cozzolino, Lukash – By Your Side (Marco Carlucci Remix) [feat. Lizzy B)
04. Daniele Sorrenti – Hear You (Giovanni Guccione Remix) [feat. Steph B.)
05. Andrea Falsone, Gabriel Deville – To the World (Tuned Guys Remix)
06. Giovanni Guccione – My Melody (Marco Carlucci Remix) [feat. Aliisa)
07. Lorenzo Gallo – I Want to Be (Loveforce Club Remix) [feat. Gigliola)
08. Tuned Guys – Far Away (Meekal Delicious Remix)
09. Daniele Sorrenti – Around Me (feat. Saeeda)
10. Andrea Masullo – On a Line (Loveforce Remix) [feat. Mery)
11. Lypocodium, Helen Brown – Bleeding (Lorenzo Gallo Remix) [feat. Linda Lugnet)
12. Marco Zardi – I Wanna Fly (Leo Zebra Rising Remix) [feat. Nikasoul)
13. Lorenzo Gallo – Tell Me (Loveforce Remix)
14. Tim G, Matt C – Impulsion (Frenk DJ & Joe Maker Remix) [feat. Lea)
15. Lypocodium, Helen Brown – Here I Go (Lorenzo Gallo Remix) [feat. Linda Lugnet)
16. Alex Raimondi – I Hate You (feat. Steph B.)
17. Saeeda – The Dream (Loveforce Remix)
18. Sweeperz – The Violin (Federico Palma Remix) [feat. Lady Jey)
19. Giovanni Guccione, Claudio Suriano – House Tekno Radio (Loveforce Remix)
20. Loris Gate – The Passion

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VA-Progressive City Grooves (Urban Anthems) (2015)