VA-Exclusive Techno Pack (05-04-2015)

VA-Exclusive Techno Pack (05-04-2015)
Genre: Techno
Quality: 320Kbps 44100Hz Full Stereo
Exclusive, Fresh and Promo Tracks

Alessan Main – 10.01 (Original Mix) [DEAD CERT. Records)
Alessan Main – 30.03 (Mick Finesse Remix) [DEAD CERT. Records)
Alessan Main – 40.04 (Original Mix) [DEAD CERT. Records)
ANNA – Drum Machines Do Have Soul (Original Mix) [Turbo Recordings)
ANNA – Let Me Take You (Original Mix) [Turbo Recordings)
ANNA – Swamp (Original Mix) [Turbo Recordings)
Chrome Beats – Abstraction Is The Route To Success (Original Mix) [We Play Acid)
Chrome Beats – Beatduck (Original Mix) [We Play Acid)
Chrome Beats – Bust That Speaker (Original Mix) [We Play Acid)
Chrome Beats – Who Am I (Original Mix) [We Play Acid)
C-System – Eternal Pain (Original Mix) [Mastertraxx)
C-System – Target Renegade (Original Mix) [Mastertraxx)
C-System – They Are Watching (Original Mix) [Mastertraxx)
Deejay Deer – Natural (Original Mix) [NuMbers)
Deejay Deer – Unnatural (Original Mix) [NuMbers)
Estroe – I See You (Deadbeats Double Down Acid Dub) [Rosedale Records)
Estroe – I See You (Original Mix) [Rosedale Records)
Estroe – I Wish (Nadia Struiwigh Remix) [Rosedale Records)
Estroe – I Wish (Original Mix) [Rosedale Records)
Female.Drama – Sweet Ketamine (2Mind1Soul Remix) [Perfect Sound Records)
Female.Drama – Sweet Ketamine (Original Mix) [Perfect Sound Records)
Glenn Birc – Lett Syre (Original Mix) [Faarikaal Records)
Glenn Birc – Stum Tjener (Original Mix) [Faarikaal Records)
Glenn Birc – Surkaalogpottit (Original Mix) [Faarikaal Records)
Lander B – Talavera (Mauro Venti Remix) [Dance Lab Recordings)
Lander B – Talavera (Original Mix) [Dance Lab Recordings)
Lowlight Live – La Beat (Original Mix) [Plastica Music)
Lowlight Live – Life Crontrol (Original Mix) [Plastica Music)
Lowlight Live – World Culd (Original Mix) [Plastica Music)
Mechanist – A Sense Of Nausea (Original Mix) [Mareld)
Mechanist – Contempt For Reason (Original Mix) [Mareld)
Mechanist – Gazing Into Abyss (Original Mix) [Mareld)
Mechanist – In Camera (Original Mix) [Mareld)
Robert Hood – A.M. Track (Original Mix) [M-Plant)
Robert Hood – Analog Track (Ghost) (Original Mix) [M-Plant)
Robert Hood – Protein Valve 2 (Original Mix) [M-Plant)
Shane Fontane, DurtysoxXx, Meezy – Bump (Ant Brooks Remix) [Human Garden Music)
Shane Fontane, DurtysoxXx, Meezy – Bump (Original Mix) [Human Garden Music)
Subotika – Evolving (DJ 3000 Remix) [Motech Records)
Subotika – Evolving (Original Mix) [Motech Records)

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VA-Exclusive Techno Pack (05-04-2015)