VA-Exclusive Breaks Pack (20-04-2015)

VA-Exclusive Breaks Pack (20-04-2015)
Genre: Breaks
Quality: 320Kbps 44100Hz Full Stereo
Exclusive, Fresh and Promo Tracks

3ska – Mulder (Original Mix) [Kiosek Records)
Access Denied – The Remains Of The Day (Original Mix) [Ayra Recordings)
Acmoteq – Sumptuous (Original Mix) [Religion Breaks Records)
Alfoa – Rivermoon (Tee-Ex Sunlake Mix) [Nueva Digital)
Andy Roll – Life Is a Pitch (Necroboy Remix) [KindCrime Recordings)
Anonyms – Speed Flamers (Original Mix) [Sound Break Records)
Barry Jamieson – 303’s in Love (Shiloh’s Rezzed Remix) [Kyubu Records)
Beat Rapist – Ruff In The Jungle (Original Mix) [Good News Boppers)
Blacklist – Busted (Original Mix) [KindCrime Recordings)
Clapperscut – Wolf Battle (Original Mix) [Renegade Alien Records)
Comandbass – These Voices In My Head (Original Mix) [Xclubsive Recordings)
Digibox – Fever (Andy Faze Remix) [Sub Element Recordings)
Digibox – Fever (Original Mix) [Sub Element Recordings)
DJ Ziyad – Shock Out (Original Mix) [Kode5 Recordings)
F-Word – Listen Up (Original Mix) [KindCrime Recordings)
Galvatron – Bring It Back (Original Mix) [Kode5 Recordings)
Galvatron – I Need Ya (Original Mix) [Kode5 Recordings)
Intiman – Suck My Deck (Guau Remix) [KindCrime Recordings)
James Weather & The Noise – Heavy Rain (Discosynthetique Remix) [Base Industry Records)
Javi R – Big Dreams (Javi R Big Dreams Vip Mix) [KeyBreak)
Lazy Boy – News For You (Original Mix) [Kut Off Records)
Lazy Boy – Put That (Original Mix) [Kut Off Records)
Loaded Bowler – DeeplyFuct (Max Hertzz Remix) [Base Industry Records)
Manion – Thought You Were Doing It (Original Mix) [Kut Off Records)
Merlyn – Jock The Bells (Ashrock Jock The Bass Dub) [KUAD Recordings)
Merlyn – Jock The Bells (SP 1200 Version) [KUAD Recordings)
Metha – C’mon (The Lucky 23 Remix) [ Records)
Metha – Dirty Dancer (Original Mix) [KindCrime Recordings)
Neologisticism – Reloaded (Original Mix) [Xclubsive Recordings)
Neurygma – Andromeda (Disperto Certain Remix) [UNISONKHZ)
Oleg Zubkov – Audacity (Dre Hectik Remix) [Ego Shot Recordings)
Oleg Zubkov – Audacity (Original Mix) [Ego Shot Recordings)
Oleg Zubkov – Audacity (Slugware Remix) [Ego Shot Recordings)
Rick Tedesco – Bitch (Original Mix) [Base Industry Records)
Say Wut – Come Get Some (Orginal Mix) [Top Billin)
Scratche – B.A.S. (The Devine Xperience Remix) [Base Industry Records)
Starcom – Archive (Vip Trap Interlude) [Emengy)
Starcom – Cpdm (Original Mix) [Emengy)
Starcom – Lunar Assault (feat John Peters – Original Mix) [Emengy)
Sub Signal – That’s What’s Up (Original Mix) [Grindhaus Records)
Synthetik Bass Squadron – I Need You (Evil King Nasty Remix) [Renegade Alien Records)
Synthetik Bass Squadron – I Need You (Original Mix) [Renegade Alien Records)
Synthetik Bass Squadron – I Need You (Renegade Alien Remix) [Renegade Alien Records)
The Lucky 23 – Bangin’ (Tom Clyde Remix) [KindCrime Recordings)
The RuMblist – Bass Drop (Original Mix) [Kut Off Records)
The RuMblist – Getting Funky (Original Mix) [Kut Off Records)
Toy Quantize, Alter Form – This Is Not A Question (Original Mix) [Religion Breaks Records)
Toy Quantize, Alter Form – This Is Not A Question (Vazteria X Remix) [Religion Breaks Records)
Ward Music – Leveling Up (Original Mix) [Buragum Records)

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VA-Exclusive Breaks Pack (20-04-2015)