VA-Vocal Trance 2016 New York (2016)

Artist: VA
Album: Vocal Trance 2016 New York
Genre: Trance
Released: 2016
Tracks: 30
Format: MPEG Audio
Bitrate: 320 Kbps


01-carol lee-emotions away (radio edit)
02-yuri kane-running wild (radio edit)
03-stoneface and terminal-lost (radio edit)
04-beat service-would you (radio edit)
05-mino safy-no second chances (radio edit)
06-tenishia-strong (radio edit)
07-stargazers-scattered pieces (radio edit)
08-breame-you are the sun (t
09-dreamy-in my heart (radio edit) (feat. dee dee)
10-cathy burton-torn (f.g. noise edit)
11-radion6-nothing here but goodbye (radio edit)
12-ucast-to another day (radio edit)
13-feel-leave the light on (suncatcher radio edit) (feat. jaren)
14-gemma pavlovic-who am i without you (radio edit)
15-radion6-a desert rose (allen and envy radio edit)
16-kaimo k-love will never leave (radio edit)
17-dennis sheperd-dare to dream (radio edit)
18-stine grove-this world is full of goodbyes (dimension radio edit)
19-anske-cold as ice (radio edit)
20-sue mclaren-never ever after (radio edit)
21-estiva-playing with fire (alex klingle radio edit) (feat. delaney jane)
22-eximinds-another day without sunrise (radio edit)
23-mike shiver-blinding light (radio edit)
24-maria nayler-still i feel (radio edit)
25-joshi-kiss and tell (radio edit) (feat. nina carr)
26-stargazers-black diamond (radio edit)
27-denise rivera-the day (radio edit)
28-bluskay-never meant to be (radio edit)
29-dark fusion-access all areas (radio edit) (feat. jan johnston)
30-hazem beltagui-silent for so long (maratone radio edit)

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VA-Vocal Trance 2016 New York (2016)