VA – Break These Boys Off Vol.1 (01-22-2016)

Artist: VA
Mixtape: Break These Boys Off Vol.1
Date: 01-22-2016
Genre: R&B, Rap, Hip-Hop

1.Lucky Luciano – The Gate Keepa
2.Eternal Ft. GT Garza Lil Bing – Throw My Deuce
3.Lil Zeus – Swangin Lanes
4.Lil Cas – White Bricks
5.Danny Boy ft. Fo Rilo And Locita -Certified Gs
6.Carreon ft OZ and CheddaLoc – Still Smoke
7.Big Tony, Throw’d n Aztek Escobar – Merc That Nigga
8.Leo Lean Ft. Young Nune – Old Money
9.Rollie Green Ft. Lucky Luciano – Money Folda
10.T.I.C Ft. Lil C – No Regrets
11.TrillDou – Ye Igot That
12.Austin Hustlas – YGC (ftEazy-A Nico)
13.Money on my mind ft c.o.b.y and Madelyn Victoria
14.TrillDou – Ballin G
15.Yung Jay R – So Sick
16.C-Gutta Ft. Rasheed – Poppin Hydros
17.Ray Dawg – Cadillac With Them Swangas Feat. DeJohn
18.Cold Hearted Records – Gots To Keep Wrecking
19.A -Loc – She Go
20.Animal Ft. Lucky Luciano Tom Cat – All Day
21.Leo Lean Ft. Young Nune – Money Counter
22.Misunderstood (feat. King Kufoo MotherNature)

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VA – Break These Boys Off Vol.1 (01-22-2016)