VA-Hell-O-Ween Vol. 3 (20-10-2013)

Artist: VA
Mixtape: Hell-O-Ween Vol. 3
Date: 20-10-2013
Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop


1.Killator of Corpse Circus – Horror Flicks
2.Bushido Blades Renegades – Avenging Son Of Violence
3.Jack Sin ft. Body Rot – Killer
4.They’re Going To Kill Us (SKIT)
5.Klive Kraven – Devil Within
6.Joe Cutter x Haez One – Dr. Annubis
7.Untamed – Monster
8.Hurry Home Kids (SKIT)
9.FatMan TheGlutton – Codependency
10.Two More Days Til Helloween (SKIT)
11.Stix – Trick Or Treat
12.Puppet Master x Marrianette – Freak Show
13.The Odd Father – Dinner
14.Sargon ft. John Browne – Zombie Apoc 2013 NeoRev
15.RCG (Rebel City Generals) – Horror In The Streets
16.Dox Boogie ft. Hater, Pop Off, Mark Deez, Bravos Xodus – SINematic
17.The Horrorthon (SKIT)
18.Adam Rottin x DJ Rob Swift – Vincent Price
19.Rabbid – Murder Suicide
20.Abbatoir – The Good Monster
21.Novacaine Noah – Zombie Apocalypse
22.Helloween Morning (SKIT)
23.Puppet Master – Rock On Halloween
24.The Immortal Classic (SKIT)
25.The Odd Father – Bloody Buddy
26.I Want A Mask (SKIT)
27.NoEmotion GoldMask – Hollow Weed
28.Turk the Terrorbull – Jesus Loves The Little Children
29.Dex One – Lacerations
30.A Festival Of Samhain (SKIT)
31.Capitol C. ft. Mars x Mastamind – Put Inna Box
32.Grimmace – Unleashed
33.Raw Proof – War On Earth
34.Backstabbin’ Bullies – Psycho Logical Warfare
35.Sargon – Tricks On ‘Em
36.Put On Your Masks (SKIT)
37.BONUS TRACK Epitaph – You Can Run
38.BONUS TRACK Kavemen ft Ultimate Ultra The Wraith x Dox Boogie – Bombs Chemicals

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VA-Hell-O-Ween Vol. 3 (20-10-2013)